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Our Fire Damage Restoration Team Makes Your Brooklyn Home Livable

11/16/2023 (Permalink)

a fire damaged kitchen with soot covering the table and counters After fire damage in your home, contact SERVPRO immediately. Our certified technicians are ready to take on the job.

Fire Damage Restorers Clean & Rebuild Burned Home

Dealing with a fire in your Brooklyn residence is an incredibly stressful experience. Fires can cause significant damage, leaving your home unlivable and posing many unanswered questions. However, our fire damage restoration team can help make your home livable again by cleaning and rebuilding burned homes.

Call our certified team if you need fire damage restoration for your Brooklyn property. We can help you with restoration you need to make your house habitable again, from cleaning up the damage to rebuilding its structure.

For additional information, don't hesitate to call us. The three main stages of rebuilding a home are: 

  • Security measures, 
  • Extensive but essential cleaning, and 
  • Restoration and reconstruction. 

At SERVPRO®, we take your family's security seriously. We know that extenuating circumstances exist during the aftermath of a disaster, so we take steps to ensure that your property sustains no additional damage. Even if firefighters never created holes in it, your roof can let rain or vermin inside your property. The same is true of compromised doors and windows. After we board them up, your home regains its lost security.

Our IICRC-certified team removes all debris and ash deposits from your home, thoroughly cleans surfaces such as walls, ceilings, and furnishings, and deodorizes your home using different techniques. Thoroughly cleaning all surfaces is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process; however, it is necessary to secure the well-being of your household.

Our technicians are restoration and rebuilding experts, providing customers with assurances. We work under Residential Contractor License #2015353DCA. As we assess the damage at our initial walk-through, we take measurements to help reduce costs when purchasing materials. We clean as we rebuild, decreasing the accumulation of discarded materials and keeping the area safe. Each step's goal is getting you and your family back into your home. 

Call SERVPRO of Northwest Brooklyn at (718) 522-4400 for expert assistance after a fire or other disaster.

Quick and Effective Response Is Crucial to Flood Damage in Brooklyn

11/15/2023 (Permalink)

flooded old basement, equipment Mitigating flood damage in a Brooklyn basement calls for expertise and equipment--Call SERVPRO

SERVPRO® Offers Prompt Brooklyn Flood Cleanup

Floods can strike suddenly, leaving Brooklyn homeowners with the challenge of dealing with the aftermath. Floodwater can intrude into a home through various pathways, including basement and crawlspace flooding. Water can infiltrate through cracks in the foundation walls, floor drains, and through the porous concrete or masonry of the foundation itself. Leaky roofs and windows can also create water damage during a storm. Immediate action is essential to minimize the harm. This may include contacting professionals for water removal, such as SERVPRO.

The water extraction process plays a pivotal role in eliminating moisture during flood damage restoration from Brooklyn buildings. The more surplus water restoration professionals extract using specialized equipment, the less time is needed to evaporate and dehumidify the remaining moisture using drying tools. SERVPRO is equipped with various kinds of extraction tools for water removal from different surfaces.

Moisture removal targets areas such as;

  • Floors and walls
  • Basements and crawl spaces
  • Home contents

Useful Water Removal Resources 

SERVPRO's choice of extraction equipment for effective water removal depends on factors such as the distance within the building, the depth of the water that needs to be extracted, and the availability of a power source.

Different Water extraction equipment

  • Extraction units
  • Pumps
  • Deep extraction tools
  • Submersible pumps

In flood situations, we may need to pump water for an extended period. Self-priming trash pumps are typically robust and capable of continuous operation since they are powered by gas or diesel. This makes them suitable for prolonged flood control efforts. Also, floodwaters often contain various types of debris. Self-priming trash pumps are designed to handle these solid particles without clogging or developing other damages.

In flood situations, we may need to pump water for an extended period. Self-priming trash pumps are typically robust and capable of continuous operation since they are powered by gas or diesel. This makes them suitable for prolonged flood control efforts. Also, floodwaters often contain various types of debris. Self-priming trash pumps are designed to handle these solid particles without clogging or developing other damages.

Trash pumps can handle solid particles of up to 1¼ inches in size. In contrast, full-trash pumps can handle solid particles larger than 3 inches. Slurry pumps are specifically engineered to transport liquids containing sand or mud.

SERVPRO of Northwest Brooklyn manages flood damage "Like it never even happened." Call us at (718) 522-4400.

Skilled Water Damage Services for Williamsburg Businesses

5/15/2023 (Permalink)

Stored Equipment No matter the size and destruction to your building, SERVPRO handles all commercial damage restoration projects. Call now!

SERVPRO’s Commercial Water Damage Repair – Available 24/7

The responsibility of managing a commercial property involves several working parts. If your Williamsburg business features a maintenance staff or cleaning crew, you may feel tempted to handle water cleanup if you have an incident. However, expert water removal services do the job faster and more efficiently than any DIY method. SERVPRO takes time to work with your insurance coverage to assist in your claim, and we always ensure the job gets done right the first time. 

Water damage repair and restoration services for Williamsburg commercial properties can save you money and time. Rather than facing lengthy downtime that hinders daily operations, the SERVPRO team gets you back to normal as quickly as possible. Whether you had a significant equipment malfunction or a burst pipe that sent water into your facility, we can return your business to pre-damage condition. 

Why Your Facility Benefits From Our Moisture Control Services

There may be many building materials within your commercial space that is holding onto hidden moisture. Left untreated can cause costly secondary damage or hazardous microbial growth. Our skilled water restoration technicians (WRT) work to pull up all standing water and use the latest moisture detection technology to locate all problem areas. These spaces are often overlooked by anyone without the proper equipment or training. SERVPRO addresses moisture using standard protocols and moves into the water damage repair phase.

  • Controlled demolition allows us to remove unsalvageable building materials for replacement, such as ceiling tiles, flooring, drywall, and more. 
  • Strategic flood cuts remove wall materials just above the water line, and everything gets refinished “Like it never even happened.”
  • Areas of your commercial space with impacted floor materials, carpeting, or subfloor may get pulled up and replaced if we need more than drying mats to help us achieve the desired results.

At SERVPRO of Northwest Brooklyn, we are the trusted commercial water damage repair team you need to ensure quality results. Regardless of your industry, call us at (718) 522-4400, and we can send out a crew to begin work as soon as possible.

The Faces of Destructive Brooklyn Fire Damage

4/12/2023 (Permalink)

tile floor covered in soot damage Our team can help with fire damage restoration. Call our technicians to arrive at your Brooklyn home with the trained technicians and equipment.

SERVPRO Fire Restorers Recover Fire Damage in Brooklyn Homes

Fires threaten Brooklyn homes and businesses in several ways. Understanding the specific restoration practices necessary to address these threats is essential when you seek assistance from IICRC-compliant and trained technicians like our SERVPRO of Northwest Brooklyn team. Threats to your home after a fire can include:

  • Structural Threats
  • Soot Damage
  • Smoke Malodors
  • Destroyed Contents

Fire damage in Brooklyn properties requires prompt action. Because we have experienced FSRT-Certified technicians ready to help 24/7, we work to immediately collect the necessary information for damage claim approval from your home insurance provider. We interface with the insurance adjuster to meet demands and generate a detailed work scope and estimation to get mitigation and restoration started fast.

Emergency Services Improve Structural Stability

The fast pace of our response team ensures that we can reach your doorstep to begin emergency services as rapidly as possible. These efforts describe a collection of pre-job mitigative steps designed exclusively to protect the structure and occupants from more significant fire harm. Improving structural stability is a chief objective of these early actions. Our response team shores weakened elements, begins the often widespread controlled demolition process, and completes temporary board-up and repairs.

How Can Soot Impact Surfaces?

Another face of fire damage to structures is soot generated from the partial combustion of fuels. Wood or oils can leave formidable deposits of soils on nearby surfaces. SERVPRO professionals determine the washability and salvageability of these impacted areas by considering:

  • Type of Damage – Multiple types of smoke damage exist, and each is removed and cleaned differently. Cleaning dry smoke requires tools and products that differ considerably from wet smoke threats.
  • Hosting Material – The underlying surface where soot damage comes to rest impacts the type of cleaning necessary to restore the damage. Solvents damage some materials, so green cleaning and less-acidic approaches are more favorable to prevent permanent marring.
  • Is it Worth Salvaging? – Restorers of our SERVPRO team consider whether impacted materials are worth restoring or if it is faster and more cost-efficient to rebuild and replace.

The Generation of Smoke Odors

Smoke malodors can be one of the final restoration obstacles, but critical to address to return preloss conditions. Offensive odors result from the combustion of many materials throughout a structure, such as plastics, wood, fabrics, chemicals, and more. With the widespread damage, we use multiple neutralizing approaches like ozone, hydroxyl machines, and fogging.

Prioritizing Personal Items

Many homeowners might not realize that the full spectrum of our fire damage recovery efforts involves the management of soot and smoke-damaged contents and personal belongings. This is often as vital to property owners as any other restoration process, so it is done with care. At our facility, items receive:

  • Surface Cleaning – Soot and smoke damage removal is often the most pressing concern with impacted contents after fire damage incidents. Chemical cleaners and our ultrasonic tank can help.
  • Deodorizing – Smoke malodors can also damage the contents of your home as much as its building materials and open spaces. Ozone chambers at our facility manage multiple items simultaneously.
  • Drying – Extinguishment can leave contents wet and saturated. We have efficient drying practices to coincide with other fire damage cleaning solutions necessary.
  • Safe Storage – While waiting for restoration to complete, contents at our facility can be stored and inventoried for easy access by customers until they can be safely returned to the restored residence.

House fires cause hazardous and destructive conditions for your structure. Our experienced restoration professionals of our SERVPRO of Northwest Brooklyn team are ready to help when you call (718) 522-4400.

The Likelihood of Mold Damage in Brooklyn Homes

4/12/2023 (Permalink)

containment barrier set up in a mold damaged home Let our fast response team in Brooklyn eliminate the mold damage in your home.

SERVPRO Remediators Help Manage Active Mold Damage in Brooklyn Residences

Because of the borough's placement amid large bodies of water and severe weather systems in every season, many conditions can exist to support mold growth and spread in area residences. Mold development is more likely than many homeowners believe. It could exist and migrate without the property owner's knowledge until it breaches the surface of the living area.

It is often advisable to act fast when mold damage in Brooklyn properties is discovered. AMRT-certified technicians of our roster are available 24/7 to mobilize for mitigation and remediation of active colonization in your household. Prompt action helps to reduce the further spread of this harmful organism. Our remediation work is based on data acquired by third-party mold inspection agencies per strict New York guidelines regarding mold remediation.

How Does Mold Form?

Mold is an opportunistic threat to your home, meaning that when the conditions are met to facilitate its growth, it is likely to do so. Mold spores occur naturally in most environments, but without temperature and moisture conditions being met, these spores are a harmless part of the atmosphere in your household. When damp conditions exist or relative humidity becomes a concern, these spores can settle on organic materials and begin colonization.

Organic matter in your home, be it building materials or contents, are food sources for the growing colony. It is crucial to evaluate the condition of the affected materials as remediation gets underway to determine the most efficient solution. As IICRC-trained mold removal specialists, we can help manage mold damage across multiple hosts.

Where Does Mold Target?

Mold requires organic matter to grow and thrive, so not all surfaces and materials found in your home are capable of supporting colonies. However, porous elements common to modern home construction are welcoming to these spreading microbes. Some of the usual hosting materials for mold include:

  • Drywall
  • Wood Framing
  • Carpeting
  • Clothing/Fabrics

How Can SERVPRO Remove Active Colonies?

Remediation is a recovery action designed to remove active colonies and destructive organisms from the property by our AMRT-certified technicians. Depending on the impact of microbes on the hosting material, the type of material impacted, and the desire to salvage the structure, several remediation options are possible:

  • Surface Cleaning – This process utilizes sporicidal products in our inventory to target superficial mold damage mostly visible on a surface.
  • Sanding – Hand-sanding or power tools remove a thin top layer of material like wood framing to eliminate mold without compromising structural integrity.
  • Media Blasting – Pressurized air or water can be combined with media like sodium bicarbonate or dry ice chemicals to destroy mold colonies without damaging the hosting material.
  • Controlled Demolition – The final remediation measure when other less invasive or destructive methods are not possible to eliminate the current mold threat.

Should Repairs Occur?

Mold damage repairs are often necessary, primarily when exposure to spores occurs over a more extended period. Our contractor license allows us to provide several types of build-back and reconstruction services that resolve the harm that active microbial threats caused the structure.

How Do You Prevent Mold from Happening Again?

As important as the efforts made to overcome active colonization and the impact on building materials and contents are, preventing the situation from recurring is another priority. Without addressing the intrusion of moisture into the affected areas of the residence, mold damage is likely to happen again. Often this is resolved through repairs and reconstruction of compromised portions of the property during the final stages of remediation.

Mold damage to Brooklyn homes can be a direct and damaging threat to a structure and its occupants. Our SERVPRO of Northwest Brooklyn remediation team is ready to help when you need it. Call today at (718) 522-4400.

Stopping Brooklyn Water Damage from Ruining Your Home

4/12/2023 (Permalink)

drying mats on a water damaged hardwood floor You can count on our team with state-of-the-art equipment to thoroughly dry your Brooklyn property so you can return safely after a water incident.

SERVPRO Helps Brooklyn Water-Damaged Homes After Disasters

Because there are multiple triggers for water damage in your home or business, Brooklyn property owners are often unable to navigate the full spectrum of cleanup, drying, and repair that a building needs after damage incidents. SERVPRO of Northwest Brooklyn has a 24/7 response to emergencies, as disasters can strike at any time and leave you needing mitigation and restoration solutions

It is important to react quickly when you discover water damage in Brooklyn residences. Your contact with our administration and dispatch starts qualified water restoration professionals moving to help. This first notice of loss determines the best tools and approaches to mitigate damage.

What Is Mitigation?

As a literal definition, mitigation is an effort to reduce the severity or consequences of an action. When used in context with water damage restoration, mitigation is used early in the recovery arc to prevent the situation from worsening, costlier damage, or the destruction of exposed contents and personal belongings. Mitigation often comes in several forms:

  • Water removal services
  • Bulk material removal
  • Controlled demolition and repairs
  • Content relocation

Among the most direct methods of mitigating water damage effects are extraction and water removal services. Actions taken with pumps and vacuums alleviate the impact on porous materials and make later restoration efforts faster and more thorough.

Expert Drying Services

There are multiple steps to efficient and effective drying processes, but it must be direct and thorough because this is one of the most critical phases of water damage restoration. We are recovery experts, following IICRC guidelines, arriving with industry-leading equipment and cutting-edge tools to help. From drying the surface of materials like drywall to penetrating structural cavities in less-invasive ways, we have the solutions to help.

Several drying tools are necessary to achieve the needed drying goal set by the management operating and overseeing field technicians working in the home. These tools help regulate relative humidity, saturation, and secondary damage from high moisture content. These include:

  • Air Movers - Forcing air across moist surfaces helps with the direct evaporation of wet materials. Using axial and centrifugal air mover units, we can directly address trapped water in flooring and wall systems.
  • Dehumidifiers - Dehumidifiers convert moisture content in an environment into collected water to dispose of it properly. Depending on conditions, the processes to achieve this range from producing condensation within a unit or absorbing moisture.
  • Heaters - Portable heaters are a way to increase the temperature on a surface or throughout an entire workspace. Warmer temperatures help in several ways, such as increasing the capacity for moisture content in the environment for evaporation and dehumidification and amplifying chemical processes by faster molecular movement.

How Do You Know the House is Dry?

Peace of mind is not a guarantee during the restoration process. That is why our SERVPRO team works so diligently after water damage concerns to alleviate concerns and show the progress of our efforts. Water damage to your home can impact materials far beyond the surface layer, so sensors and infrared imagery help track moisture beyond the visible layers.

Experience in Action

A point of pride for our experienced professionals is the level of training we receive to help with disaster relief and cleanup. For water damage threats, we have a roster rounded off by multiple certifications:

  • WRT – Water Restoration
  • CCT – Carpet Cleaning
  • ASD – Structural Drying
  • OCT – Odor Control

Water damage restoration is necessary as soon as possible once disasters strike. SERVPRO of Northwest Brooklyn is ready to help when you need it at (718) 522-4400.

Keeping Mold Damage from Returning in Brooklyn Homes

4/10/2023 (Permalink)

mold damaged wall from leak, demo Brooklyn homeowners benefit from SERVPRO's mold remediation services. From demolition to build-back, you can count on us!

Recurring Mold Damage Can Be Harmful

One thing is worse than mold growth in your home or apartment, and that is when the problem happens again and again. As leading remediation specialists, we have the technicians and the products to remove mold colonies. We also understand what your residence might need to keep that mold threat from returning once we leave.

Mold damage in Brooklyn homes can appear in several locations and be more widespread and intrusive than it appears on the surface. We must work to remove all the active mold organisms from the house, including what you might not initially see. Thorough removal practices are the first step in keeping mold gone for good. In performing actions to prevent a recurrence

we ask three questions:

  • Where Did the Moisture Enter?

No mold and microbial threats to your home exist without moist conditions. When addressing mildew and mold, SERVPRO technicians must eliminate the penetration points for moisture and water damage.

  • What Structural Damage Resulted?

Water damage can often destroy parts of the structure, leaving vulnerabilities that future moisture and dampness might exploit. Even if the initial threat has been resolved and repaired, a full scope of the property’s condition is vital to ensure all build-back is complete.

  • Can Permanent Equipment Help?

It is possible that installing permanent machines like dehumidifiers can regulate moisture in the environment that keeps conditions favorable for mold growth.

Applying Mold Inhibiting Products

Another one of the effective ways that we work to keep mold from becoming a recurring threat to your home is by applying mold inhibitors. Antimicrobial agents can eliminate surface mold spores but continue as a barrier against further colonization for new growth.

Mold damage does not have to be a continuous and repetitive threat to your household. Call SERVPRO of Northwest Brooklyn at (718) 522-4400.

Water Damage Repair in Brooklyn Offers a Lasting Solution

3/14/2023 (Permalink)

Damaged tile floor The first step to resolving water damage is calling your local trained professionals at SERVPRO of Northwest Brooklyn.

Trust SERVPRO for Water Damage Repair in Brooklyn

One of a home’s basic functions is to keep the residents dry. However, unwanted water sometimes gets into the living space when the homeowners least expect it. Water damage repair firms have technicians who respond fast to fix water damage to limit the destruction. 

SERVPRO performs water mitigation to stabilize a home and ensure no further damage happens. Water damage repair in Brooklyn homes occurs after water mitigation and is meant to return properties to their pre-damaged state. Our restoration process can involve the following activities: 

  • Pulling out damaged flooring and replacing it. 
  • Removing water-damaged structural components like drywall. 
  • Restoring or replacing the subfloor.
  • Mold remediation.
  • Testing for moisture to confirm that all structures and contents are dry. 

Hiring professionals from SERVPRO quickly can save you energy and money. The tools we use help ensure that the affected area dries up quickly. We can use powerful portable pumps to remove the water. Many of the pumps we use are centrifugal pumps. They work by converting rotational energy from a motor to energy to move a particular kind of fluid. They include electric submersible pumps, high-pressure pumps, and self-priming trash pumps. 

It is necessary to eliminate moisture from the air to dry a home. Evaporation adds moisture to the air as air movers evaporate it from wet materials into the air. Our SERVPRO team ensures that dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air as quickly as or more rapidly than it is being added. We call this a Balanced Drying System. We can use a closed or open system to dehumidify the air. An open drying system exchanges the moist air inside the building with the drier outside air. A closed system separates the affected area from the outside air and the structure’s unaffected areas. 

After cleanup, our SERVPRO technicians can evaluate the stability of your home’s essential parts, like walls. You can therefore avoid living in a compromised structure. 

A timely and professional response to water damage can provide peace of mind. Call SERVPRO of Northwest Brooklyn at (718) 522-4400 for efficient restoration. 

Brooklyn Water Damage Repair Specialists Know What Storms Can Do

2/8/2023 (Permalink)

Leak On Floor Call your local professionals at SERVPRO of Northwest Brooklyn to ensure your home is dry and sanitary.

After Bad Weather, SERVPRO Does Water Damage Repair Work

Storms can clear the air of smelly pollution and leave a fresh scent behind throughout Brooklyn. It can also leave property damage behind. When rainwater saturates construction materials inside a residence, the most effective response is to arrange for skilled water damage repair experts to begin working on your property.

After shingles sail off your roof, a tree limb punches a hole through a window, or gutters pour water up against your siding instead of away from your Brooklyn home, water damage repair professionals can make it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO has trained specialists in different areas who can repair and restore your dwelling. The following helps keep secondary water damage from developing while mitigating existing damage:

  • Roofing and attic space
  • Window glass replacement
  • Minor flooding and its causes

Our Residential Contractor License, #2015353DCA, allows us to work on rebuilding homes, including roofing. We match your current shingles to replacement ones as closely as possible and get them nailed into place. Working inside your attic, we dry everything out and check for damage in this and any crawlspaces, paying close attention to insulation.

Replacing a broken window is a minor task that provides substantial protection from the outdoor elements. We can handle single or multiple panes of glass. We can discuss which kind is most appropriate for your family. If the screen is also damaged, we can replace this, also.

Debris thrust through the air or a falling tree can cause damage to your gutters. Once bent or dented, these channels can allow rain from your roof to pour onto the side of your home. Being too close to your foundation can allow it to seep into your home. We can extract the water and dry everything out for you. Once dried, we can check to see how bad the permanent damage is and what steps to take.

Call SERVPRO of Northwest Brooklyn at (718) 522-4400. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Competency Is Vital for Effective Fire Damage Restoration in Brooklyn

1/10/2023 (Permalink)

Multi Story Home On Fire When a fire hits your property, you need to call the technicians at SERVPRO.

Fire Damage Restoration in Brooklyn Is Better with SERVPRO 

The ruin from a fire can take the form of burned walls, furniture, damaged staircases, and holes in the roof. Sometimes, pipes melt or burst during a fire, causing water to leak into the building. While fire may cause tremendous damage, water damage may render some structures and contents unsalvageable. 

Although the repercussions of fire damage are devastating to property owners, fire damage cleanup and repair can address every issue related to a fire. When you hire SERVPRO to perform fire damage restoration in your Brooklyn home, we can sort through the mess and restore things to normal. As a reputable fire restoration firm, we possess several distinctions, like:

  • Extensive experience in fire damage repair
  • Appropriate licenses
  • Dependability and punctuality
  • Quick response time 

SERVPRO’s fire damage repair process includes several procedures to restore the damaged areas to their pre-damaged condition. They include: 


Our team can perform a walk-through and analyze the damage to create the right action plan to counter it.        

Soot Cleanup

Soot residue, acid stains, the discoloration of appliances, and rust formation can result shortly after a fire if there is no immediate effort to clean up the fire-damaged structures and contents. Generally, continued permanent destruction can occur because of the acidic residues a fire leaves behind. Soot may also become layered within your home. Our SERVPRO technicians can use advanced techniques to restore your property. 

Water Damage Restoration

We can use extraction tools like submersible pumps to pump out excess water. We use equipment like air movers and dehumidifiers to increase evaporation and remove water vapor from the air. 

Odor Removal

Deodorizing a fire-damaged property is crucial because discomfort and frustration result from unpleasant odors. Our SERVPRO team can remove odors using advanced fire restoration technology like thermal foggers. This equipment vaporizes petroleum or solvent-based deodorizers, generating a fog or smoke of tiny particles. Thermal fogs are pairing agents that chemically react with smell-causing residues and eradicate odors. 

Please call SERVPRO of Northwest Brooklyn at (718) 522-4400 and tell us about your fire restoration needs. We can get back to you immediately.