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The Faces of Destructive Brooklyn Fire Damage

11/9/2022 (Permalink)

tile floor covered in soot damage Our team can help with fire damage restoration. Call our technicians to arrive at your Brooklyn home with the trained technicians and equipment.

SERVPRO Fire Restorers Recover Fire Damage in Brooklyn Homes 

Fires threaten Brooklyn homes and businesses in several ways. Understanding the specific restoration practices necessary to address these threats is essential when you seek assistance from IICRC-compliant and trained technicians like our SERVPRO of Northwest Brooklyn team. Threats to your home after a fire can include: 

  • Structural Threats
  • Soot Damage
  • Smoke Malodors
  • Destroyed Contents

Fire damage in Brooklyn properties requires prompt action. Because we have experienced FSRT-Certified technicians ready to help 24/7, we work to immediately collect the necessary information for damage claim approval from your home insurance provider. We interface with the insurance adjuster to meet demands and generate a detailed work scope and estimation to get mitigation and restoration started fast. 

Emergency Services Improve Structural Stability

The fast pace of our response team ensures that we can reach your doorstep to begin emergency services as rapidly as possible. These efforts describe a collection of pre-job mitigative steps designed exclusively to protect the structure and occupants from more significant fire harm. Improving structural stability is a chief objective of these early actions. Our response team shores weakened elements, begins the often widespread controlled demolition process, and completes temporary board-up and repairs. 

How Can Soot Impact Surfaces?

Another face of fire damage to structures is soot generated from the partial combustion of fuels. Wood or oils can leave formidable deposits of soils on nearby surfaces. SERVPRO professionals determine the washability and salvageability of these impacted areas by considering:

  • Type of Damage – Multiple types of smoke damage exist, and each is removed and cleaned differently. Cleaning dry smoke requires tools and products that differ considerably from wet smoke threats. 
  • Hosting Material – The underlying surface where soot damage comes to rest impacts the type of cleaning necessary to restore the damage. Solvents damage some materials, so green cleaning and less-acidic approaches are more favorable to prevent permanent marring. 
  • Is it Worth Salvaging? – Restorers of our SERVPRO team consider whether impacted materials are worth restoring or if it is faster and more cost-efficient to rebuild and replace. 

The Generation of Smoke Odors

Smoke malodors can be one of the final restoration obstacles, but critical to address to return preloss conditions. Offensive odors result from the combustion of many materials throughout a structure, such as plastics, wood, fabrics, chemicals, and more. With the widespread damage, we use multiple neutralizing approaches like ozone, hydroxyl machines, and fogging. 

Prioritizing Personal Items

Many homeowners might not realize that the full spectrum of our fire damage recovery efforts involves the management of soot and smoke-damaged contents and personal belongings. This is often as vital to property owners as any other restoration process, so it is done with care. At our facility, items receive:

  • Surface Cleaning – Soot and smoke damage removal is often the most pressing concern with impacted contents after fire damage incidents. Chemical cleaners and our ultrasonic tank can help. 
  • Deodorizing – Smoke malodors can also damage the contents of your home as much as its building materials and open spaces. Ozone chambers at our facility manage multiple items simultaneously.
  • Drying – Extinguishment can leave contents wet and saturated. We have efficient drying practices to coincide with other fire damage cleaning solutions necessary. 
  • Safe Storage – While waiting for restoration to complete, contents at our facility can be stored and inventoried for easy access by customers until they can be safely returned to the restored residence. 

House fires cause hazardous and destructive conditions for your structure. Our experienced restoration professionals of our SERVPRO of Northwest Brooklyn team are ready to help when you call (718) 522-4400.

Stopping Brooklyn Water Damage from Ruining Your Home

11/9/2022 (Permalink)

drying mats on a water damaged hardwood floor You can count on our team with state-of-the-art equipment to thoroughly dry your Brooklyn property so you can return safely after a water incident.

SERVPRO Helps Brooklyn Water-Damaged Homes After Disasters

Because there are multiple triggers for water damage in your home or business, Brooklyn property owners are often unable to navigate the full spectrum of cleanup, drying, and repair that a building needs after damage incidents. SERVPRO of Northwest Brooklyn has a 24/7 response to emergencies, as disasters can strike at any time and leave you needing mitigation and restoration solutions

It is important to react quickly when you discover water damage in Brooklyn residences. Your contact with our administration and dispatch starts qualified water restoration professionals moving to help. This first notice of loss determines the best tools and approaches to mitigate damage.

What Is Mitigation?

As a literal definition, mitigation is an effort to reduce the severity or consequences of an action. When used in context with water damage restoration, mitigation is used early in the recovery arc to prevent the situation from worsening, costlier damage, or the destruction of exposed contents and personal belongings. Mitigation often comes in several forms:

  • Water removal services
  • Bulk material removal
  • Controlled demolition and repairs
  • Content relocation

Among the most direct methods of mitigating water damage effects are extraction and water removal services. Actions taken with pumps and vacuums alleviate the impact on porous materials and make later restoration efforts faster and more thorough.

Expert Drying Services

There are multiple steps to efficient and effective drying processes, but it must be direct and thorough because this is one of the most critical phases of water damage restoration. We are recovery experts, following IICRC guidelines, arriving with industry-leading equipment and cutting-edge tools to help. From drying the surface of materials like drywall to penetrating structural cavities in less-invasive ways, we have the solutions to help.

Several drying tools are necessary to achieve the needed drying goal set by the management operating and overseeing field technicians working in the home. These tools help regulate relative humidity, saturation, and secondary damage from high moisture content. These include:

  • Air Movers - Forcing air across moist surfaces helps with the direct evaporation of wet materials. Using axial and centrifugal air mover units, we can directly address trapped water in flooring and wall systems.
  • Dehumidifiers - Dehumidifiers convert moisture content in an environment into collected water to dispose of it properly. Depending on conditions, the processes to achieve this range from producing condensation within a unit or absorbing moisture.
  • Heaters - Portable heaters are a way to increase the temperature on a surface or throughout an entire workspace. Warmer temperatures help in several ways, such as increasing the capacity for moisture content in the environment for evaporation and dehumidification and amplifying chemical processes by faster molecular movement.

How Do You Know the House is Dry?

Peace of mind is not a guarantee during the restoration process. That is why our SERVPRO team works so diligently after water damage concerns to alleviate concerns and show the progress of our efforts. Water damage to your home can impact materials far beyond the surface layer, so sensors and infrared imagery help track moisture beyond the visible layers.

Experience in Action

A point of pride for our experienced professionals is the level of training we receive to help with disaster relief and cleanup. For water damage threats, we have a roster rounded off by multiple certifications:

  • WRT – Water Restoration
  • CCT – Carpet Cleaning
  • ASD – Structural Drying
  • OCT – Odor Control

Water damage restoration is necessary as soon as possible once disasters strike. SERVPRO of Northwest Brooklyn is ready to help when you need it at (718) 522-4400.

The Likelihood of Mold Damage in Brooklyn Homes

11/9/2022 (Permalink)

containment barrier set up in a mold damaged home Let our fast response team in Brooklyn eliminate the mold damage in your home.

SERVPRO Remediators Help Manage Active Mold Damage in Brooklyn Residences

Because of the borough's placement amid large bodies of water and severe weather systems in every season, many conditions can exist to support mold growth and spread in area residences. Mold development is more likely than many homeowners believe. It could exist and migrate without the property owner's knowledge until it breaches the surface of the living area.

It is often advisable to act fast when mold damage in Brooklyn properties is discovered. AMRT-certified technicians of our roster are available 24/7 to mobilize for mitigation and remediation of active colonization in your household. Prompt action helps to reduce the further spread of this harmful organism. Our remediation work is based on data acquired by third-party mold inspection agencies per strict New York guidelines regarding mold remediation.

How Does Mold Form?

Mold is an opportunistic threat to your home, meaning that when the conditions are met to facilitate its growth, it is likely to do so. Mold spores occur naturally in most environments, but without temperature and moisture conditions being met, these spores are a harmless part of the atmosphere in your household. When damp conditions exist or relative humidity becomes a concern, these spores can settle on organic materials and begin colonization.

Organic matter in your home, be it building materials or contents, are food sources for the growing colony. It is crucial to evaluate the condition of the affected materials as remediation gets underway to determine the most efficient solution. As IICRC-trained mold removal specialists, we can help manage mold damage across multiple hosts.

Where Does Mold Target? 

Mold requires organic matter to grow and thrive, so not all surfaces and materials found in your home are capable of supporting colonies. However, porous elements common to modern home construction are welcoming to these spreading microbes. Some of the usual hosting materials for mold include:

  • Drywall
  • Wood Framing
  • Carpeting
  • Clothing/Fabrics

How Can SERVPRO Remove Active Colonies? 

Remediation is a recovery action designed to remove active colonies and destructive organisms from the property by our AMRT-certified technicians. Depending on the impact of microbes on the hosting material, the type of material impacted, and the desire to salvage the structure, several remediation options are possible:

  • Surface Cleaning – This process utilizes sporicidal products in our inventory to target superficial mold damage mostly visible on a surface.
  • Sanding – Hand-sanding or power tools remove a thin top layer of material like wood framing to eliminate mold without compromising structural integrity.
  • Media Blasting – Pressurized air or water can be combined with media like sodium bicarbonate or dry ice chemicals to destroy mold colonies without damaging the hosting material.
  • Controlled Demolition – The final remediation measure when other less invasive or destructive methods are not possible to eliminate the current mold threat.

Should Repairs Occur? 

Mold damage repairs are often necessary, primarily when exposure to spores occurs over a more extended period. Our contractor license allows us to provide several types of build-back and reconstruction services that resolve the harm that active microbial threats caused the structure.

How Do You Prevent Mold from Happening Again? 

As important as the efforts made to overcome active colonization and the impact on building materials and contents are, preventing the situation from recurring is another priority. Without addressing the intrusion of moisture into the affected areas of the residence, mold damage is likely to happen again. Often this is resolved through repairs and reconstruction of compromised portions of the property during the final stages of remediation.

Mold damage to Brooklyn homes can be a direct and damaging threat to a structure and its occupants. Our SERVPRO of Northwest Brooklyn remediation team is ready to help when you need it. Call today at (718) 522-4400.

SERVPRO Provides Mold Removal Services in Brooklyn

11/8/2022 (Permalink)

Mold Spots On Wall Don't let mold take over your property, Call SERVPRO of Northeast Brooklyn at (718) 522-4400.

SERVPRO Recommends Immediate Mold Removal from Buildings in Brooklyn

Mold spores are everywhere inside buildings in Brooklyn, waiting for the right conditions to multiply and infest a room, inside walls, and under sinks inside cabinets. Mold spores need moisture, an organic food source, and warm locations. All of these conditions are available in our homes and commercial buildings.

SERVPRO provides mold removal services in Brooklyn and surrounding areas. Consumers can avoid mold growth by removing all moisture sources and keeping the immediate area dry and clean. Even with your best efforts, mold colonies can begin growing in as little as 24 hours after a water leak. Mold grows quickly, contaminating the surfaces in the area and releasing a strong, musty smell. This smell is the first indication of a mold problem for many consumers.

Our mold removal technicians can be onsite in less than four hours from your call. After they have evaluated the situation, the first step is to remove the source of the moisture. They also remove contaminated materials and contents that cannot be cleaned and restored. In severe infestations, they may need to use controlled demolition techniques to remove ceiling tiles, drywall, and flooring materials. Everything is bagged in place before being cleared to avoid the transfer of mold-contaminated particles to other areas of the building.

Once contaminated materials have been removed, the area is dried, disinfected, and cleaned before being restored. SERVPRO can help with restoration after contaminated materials have been removed. Our construction contractor license Residential: 2015353DCA and Mold Remediation: 00055 allows us to provide our clients with a complete range of reconstruction services.

SERVPRO provides the following services:

  • Mold inspections, remediation, and removal
  • Black mold damage removal
  • Bathroom and basement mold remediation and removal

Call SERVPRO of Northeast Brooklyn for mold removal and restoration services. We provide service to Brooklyn and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call (718) 522-4400.

We Act Fast To Limit More Damage To Your Brooklyn Home

9/12/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO air mover being used in water damaged room The team began clean up procedures quickly and used proper equipment for drying. We are available 24/7 so don't hesitate and call us right away.

Not One, But Two Floors of Water Removal and Cleanup in Brooklyn

Surprise water damage events are overwhelming for homeowners, even more so when the indoor disaster affects not one but two floors.

When SERVPRO technicians arrive to perform water removal at Brooklyn homes, they scope the property to find anywhere the water migrated. In cases where the water spill event encompasses two floors, the cleanup is even more challenging.

Controlled Demolition Tactics

When water affects multiple floors of a home, extraction and thorough drying must occur within the floor joists to prevent costly future issues such as mold, weakening of the building materials, or foul odors. Controlled demolition techniques such as weep holes or removal of sections of sheetrock to increase the amount of airflow work to ensure complete drying of the affected areas.

Professional Drying Techniques

Consumer-grade fans generally can only dry surfaces. The centrifugal air movers blast warm, dry air into the water-affected areas and cause the embedded moisture left behind after water extraction to rise. SERVPRO technicians choose different types of dehumidifying equipment to capture the water vapor and remove it from the area.

Restoration of Upholstered Furnishings

Water from a floor above often winds up in the carpet or upholstered furnishings in the room below. SERVPRO water removal equipment has specialized attachments such as weighted extractor heads that push water out of porous items. To keep home disruption to a minimum, they can dry fabric-covered furniture in place and have the skill to avoid stains on the carpet or residual spotting on the upholstery.

Reconstruction Services Lessen Stress

After completion of the water damage cleanup efforts, SERVPRO technicians give the homeowner a report that serves the dual purpose of assisting in expediting any insurance claims and also details the nature of the repairs necessary to return the home to its preloss condition. They have a general contractor's license #2015353DCA, so they can offer restoration and reconstruction services.

The faster water removal happens, the more opportunity to lessen damage to the home and its contents. Contact SERVPRO of Northwest Brooklyn at (718) 522-4400 when you need a quick turnaround on cleanup and restoration services to make it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Provides Flood Damage Repair and Restoration in Williamsburg

8/6/2022 (Permalink)

tech, vacuuming flooded floor in basement Our SERVPRO technicians clean and disinfect Black Water following flooding in a Williamsburg home.

Need Flood Damage Cleanup and Restoration in Williamsburg? - Call SERVPRO

While storms can cause extensive flooding in Williamsburg, they can also bring trees down on your home, damage the roof, break windows and even puncture holes in the walls. These are all potential entry points for rainwater and flood waters to enter your home, causing added damage to your home's structure and contents.

SERVPRO provides Williamsburg properties flood damage repair and restoration services, including the surrounding areas. Emergency response teams can place tarps over holes in the roof, board up broken windows and doors and remove floodwater from your home utilizing high-capacity pumps. We also supply portable generators to run portable pumps, and there are high-capacity truck-mounted pumps available to our teams.

Many personal items and contents are exposed to flood waters and rainwater seeping into your home. Flood waters bring bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and debris into the house. Even rainwater seeping through the ceiling onto carpets and fabrics can make removing stains and carrying bacteria into your home difficult.

SERVPRO cleans, disinfects, and dries every item whenever possible. Our clients appreciate the restore vs. replace approach followed by our restoration experts, saving time and expense. As your contents are cleaned and dried, they are placed in a secure area until they can be returned.

Quick action by SERVPRO can also reduce secondary damage to flooring, walls, and contents. Water and high humidity levels allowed to linger can damage some items beyond repair. Floors and furniture absorb moisture and swell, causing warping and loss of structural integrity. SERVPRO can be on-site in less than four hours from your call.

We provide the following services to our clients in Williamsburg:

  • Floodwater clean up
  • Flood restoration
  • Ceiling and roof repairs from storms

Call SERVPRO of Northwest Brooklyn for flood damage restoration services. We provide service to Williamsburg and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call 718) 522-4400.

SERVPRO Restores Large Structures in Brooklyn

8/6/2022 (Permalink)

brick apt building, fire escape Escape the fire damage cleanup and restoration hazards in Brooklyn by calling SERVPRO. "Like it never even happened."

Pack Out and Fire Damage Restoration in Brooklyn

Fire damage needs so many different types of mitigation. There is damage to both the structure and contents from the fire. Additional problems from the water or extinguishing agent used to put out the fire, and then there are the odors smoke leaves behind.

SERVPRO was called to mitigate a massive house fire in a two-story Brooklyn home. The fire began in the kitchen and gutted much of the downstairs. Our technicians got to work immediately and extracted the water to make the carpeting less cumbersome and easier to remove as it was a loss. We removed fire loss items and debris as they only contribute to the pungent odor if they remain on a property.

Charred sheetrock was cut away using controlled demolition techniques. Soot often contains acids that damage fabrics and carry odors. Techs clean hard surfaces with HEPA-outfitted, small portable vacuums. The weakened ceilings made the upstairs unsafe until we finished the restoration and completed repairs for the downstairs.

Our technicians spoke with the homeowner and adjuster for authorization to remove restorable items from the upstairs for cleaning and deodorizing at our location. The fire did not directly affect the contents, but smoke permeated some things. When we pack out a job site, our technicians carefully wrap and catalog each item. We give a detailed list of the removed contents, including photos and conditions, to both the adjuster and homeowner.

Once SERVPRO technicians completed the pack out, we dried and ventilated the structure. In the case of a fire loss of this scale, the mitigation of the fire-damaged building elements and removal prepare the property for rebuilding. This means it needs to be dry, sanitary, and without smoke odors. After drying and wiping down surfaces, we used a thermal fogger and an ozone machine to neutralize the odors. Our SERVPRO location offers a full suite of services, so our team can clean, restore, and rebuild a home from a fire loss.

SERVPRO of Northwest Brooklyn is available to help you with fire damage at (718) 522-4400. 

Our Crew Is Ready to Help After a Flood in Brooklyn

8/6/2022 (Permalink)

red sofa floating in living room SERVPRO rescues your furnishings and home after flooding in Brooklyn.

Why Flood Damage Has to Look Worse Before It Gets Better in Brooklyn

When groundwater enters a home, due to the high probability of contaminants in the water, causing flood damage, homeowners often experience more property loss compared to other types of water damage.

One of the first actions SERVPRO technicians take upon arrival to begin restoration services for flood damage in Brooklyn homes is to test the water. Knowing if they are dealing with bacteria, toxic chemicals, sewage, or all of the above allows them to choose the appropriate level of disinfection necessary for a safe work environment.

Removal of Saturated Flooring

In many types of water damage situations, technicians save carpet and padding through careful extraction and drying methods. However, due to the categorization of groundwater as a class three biohazard, there is no restoration potential if the carpeting absorbs it. Technicians extract the water to make it easier to handle and cut it into strips for disposal. On a case-by-case basis, delaminated tiles, hardwood flooring, and baseboards are inspected to see if they are candidates for restoration and disinfection for reuse, depending on their construction materials.

Removal of Damaged Sheetrock

This type of controlled demolition often looks the worst but speeds the drying of the property. When water enters a structure, sheetrock readily wicks the moisture, and as it travels upward through the core, the sheetrock warps. Technicians perform flood cuts by measuring above the highest area wicked into and cleanly cut it away. The open area allows for much more significant airflow and dries the property quickly

Proactive Treatments Against Mold

Because mold infestations have the potential to begin as fast as 24 hours after a flood loss event in the home, SERVPRO technicians work quickly to lower the ambient humidity to make the environment inhospitable to mold growth. They hold a state certification for Mold Remediation and perform treatments on any early signs of establishment of colonies, so it is not an issue. Residential Contractor License #: 2015353DCA and Mold Remediation Contractor License #: 00055

Eliminating the Stress of Reconstruction

After a water loss in the home, coordinating reconstruction is stressful. SERVPRO strives to make it easier for homeowners by offering a one-stop service for restoration, repair, and rebuilding as needed. They hold a residential general contractor license, and since they did the cleanup, the technicians already know the areas in the home that require addressing, taking the anxiety of finding and qualifying a contractor off of the homeowner.

SERVPRO of Northwest Brooklyn has trained, certified technicians available 24/7 at (718) 522-4400 to clean up the flood damage to your property and make it “Like it never even happened.”

Keeping Your Store Open during Fire Restoration in Brooklyn

7/13/2022 (Permalink)

Flames Call SERVPRO of Northwest Brooklyn today if you need help with professional fire damage restoration.

SERVPRO Secures Brooklyn Stores after Fire Damage

The number of hours or days your facility is open can go a long way in determining whether your venture succeeds or fails. An incident such as a fire that causes significant soiling and damages utilities can force unnecessary closure of your Brooklyn facility as you look for solutions. Finding a way to conduct fire restoration without closing the premises would be a great advantage.

The actions you take to facilitate fire restoration at your Brooklyn premises mainly depend on the extent of the fire. The damage may be restricted to the surfaces or extend deeper into the structural setup. Surface problems are easier to resolve, unlike structural-related issues such as charred frames or roof cave-ins. Regardless of the situation you face, SERVPRO looks for convenient solutions.

Ways to minimize closure after fire

  • Partial content move-outs
  • Securing property with a board-up and containment
  • Using deodorizers such as masking agents

The inconveniences or limitations that the fire creates necessitate operations closure. The issue can be intangible such as the presence of pungent odor, or it can be a physical limitation that hinders your operations, such as a shattered window or a hole in the roof. Taking action that addresses the specific limitation can help you resume your operations faster. Our SERVPRO technicians can place a masking agent to counteract pungent odor even as we pursue long-term solutions such as cleaning up the affected areas. Sealing openings by boarding them up or installing roof tarps is also helpful.

Viable ways to limit fire odors

  • Odor counteracting beads
  • Deodorant pellets or granules
  • Water-based odor counteracts

Handling Affected Contents

Contents are affected by different aspects of fire, including smoke, heat, and direct exposure to flames. Finding a way to deal with the affected items creates an opportunity to use the rest of the facility if the fire is limited. Our SERVPRO technicians can help with partial or complete move-outs. We have hand carts and lifting straps for easier movement of bulky materials, and we also provide temporary storage facilities on site.

SERVPRO of Northwest Brooklyn can help keep your operations running as you handle fire restoration procedures. Call us at (718) 522-4400 for assistance. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

Our Technicians Will Save Your Water Damaged Property In Brooklyn

7/13/2022 (Permalink)

Colorful Couch In Floodwater Call us at (718) 522-4400 to join forces with our industry-leading disaster recovery team.

Keeping Customers Informed During Water Damage Recovery in Brooklyn

After a water crisis, our Brooklyn customers contend with a multitude of worries and emotions stemming from the incredibly disruptive event. We have a responsibility not only to assess, plan, and implement structural recovery but also to be responsive and transparent with the property owners we assist. Insurance carriers are essential actors in any disaster restoration scenario. The care and professionalism we take in documenting damage, and explaining our approaches to resolution, protects our customers from unnecessary expense and results in the most successful outcomes.

We Work as Partners, Not Invaders

The aftermath of water damage in your Chicago home is already overwhelming. If the managers and crews who arrive to assist feel more like an invading force than allies, we fail to meet your needs, regardless of our skills and state-of-the-art equipment. No one knows your home better than you. We need your insight, and you and your property benefit from our respectful and comprehensive explanations of the research-based strategies we use.

Speedy Restoration Still Takes Time

One of your questions might be how long SERVPRO needs to complete the water damage recovery. The answer is dependent on several considerations.

  •   Water contamination concerns
  •   The extent of the damage, including migration to unexpected spaces
  •   Damage to fixtures such as carpeting and cabinets
  •   Outdoor conditions
  •   Type of residence (single-family, apartment, loft) and distance from the street

We craft your personalized restoration plan keeping all of these elements and more in mind. For example, a street-level residence allows for the use of truck-mounted water removal equipment, while a penthouse above the ground necessitates the use of gas-powered pumps and backpack extractors.

Thorough Drying Strategies Continue Round the Clock

The equipment configurations SERVPRO employs to dry out fixtures and structures must operate until moisture levels return to normal. Often customers wonder why we float carpets or tent hardwood for warm airflow or negative air pressure for hours at a time. Because the proper balance of humidity, airflow, and temperature is critical to achieving drying goals, we must maintain the effort until the goal is met. We understand the frustration but counter with an easy-to-grasp explanation of the science behind our efforts. Delivered with compassion and a smile, our reasonable response helps explain that brief inconvenience results in the desired results.

SERVPRO of Northwest Brooklyn pledges to keep you fully informed during the water damage restoration process. Call us at (718) 522-4400 to join forces with our industry-leading disaster recovery team.